5 Best Freezer Refrigerator

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5 Best Freezer Refrigerator

5. Kenmore 18 cu-Freezer Refrigerator with Glass Shelves


Resists Fingerprints for Quick & Easy Cleaning The Kenmore top-freezer refrigerator provides plenty of space to store your family’s favorite fresh foods. This 18 cu. ft. fridge is designed to save space, making it a perfect choice for a garage or basement or anywhere you need extra storage. Gallon door bins, adjustable shelves and humidity-controlled crispers let you best maximize the space and keep everything within easy reach.

Foods Stay Fresh

18 cu. ft. capacity offers plenty of space to store food for a family
Gallon-size door bins provide easy access to favorite items, while freeing up shelf space
Humidity-controlled crisper drawers keep produce fresh
Frost-free freezer prevents ice buildup and helps reduce freezer burn

Built for Convenience

Long-lasting LED lighting is energy efficient and lets you find what you’re looking for quickly
Active Finish offers a stainless exterior that is fingerprint- and smudge-resistant, easy to clean and holds magnets
Garage ready, so you can place in an area that gets as cold as 39°F with no additional adapters

4. Kenmore 21 cu.Freezer Fridge with Ice Maker


Resists Fingerprints for Quick & Easy Cleaning Get all your cold food storage needs taken care of with this stainless steel Kenmore top-freezer refrigerator. This 21 cu. ft. refrigerator with flexible storage options makes it easier than ever to organize your groceries and more. There’s even a built-in ice maker to ensure drinks stay cold at your next dinner party.
Plenty of Storage
A 21 cu. ft. capacity ensures there’s enough room for all your foods and drinks inside
Deep, gallon-sized door bins hold jugs, bottles and containers to give you more shelf space
Clear storage bins are perfect for stocking up on your foods
Adjustable split shelves ensure you’ll be able to fit and store all your foods and leftovers

3.Whirlpool 11 cu.Freezer Refrigerator – Stainless Steel


Whirlpool 11 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator – Efficient Fresh Food Storage This Whirlpool WRT111SFDM 11 cu. ft. refrigerator with a top freezer fits where you want it to and makes it easy to store fresh and frozen food items. Reach, store, and see a wide array of fruits and vegetables in the clear, full-width crisper, while the adjustable gallon door bin provides a smart solution for large containers and frees up interior shelf space. Cleanup is quick and easy with the SpillMizer™ Glass Shelves that help to contain leaks and spills while the transparent design gives the refrigerator’s interior an overall cleaner, brighter appearance. With integrated handles to keep the exterior sleek, this refrigerator’s modern styling and convenient features are both yours.
SpillMizer™ Glass Shelves help to contain leaks and spills for easier cleanup while the transparent design gives the refrigerator’s interior a cleaner, brighter appearance
Automatic Defrost System includes a timer, a limit switch and heater that melts away frost so you don’t have to take everything out of your freezer to melt built-up ice
Humidity Controlled Crisper drawer allows you to keep your fresh food items crisp and ready for use
Optional Automatic Ice Maker is available for purchases and will add the bonus of having ice on hand for entertaining or daily use
With its ADA Compliance this refrigerator’s design allows easy access for those with disabilities

2.GE Appliances 20.8 cu.Freezer Refrigerator – Stainless Steel
Fresh Foods for Longer Keep your family’s favorite foods fresh and organized with the GE top-freezer refrigerator. A gallon-size door bin holds large containers to free up shelf space, while a dairy bin makes cheeses, yogurts and more readily accessible. LED interior lighting makes finding items simple. An adjustable freezer shelf helps you keep track of frozen foods.
Plenty of Space
20.8 cu. ft. capacity fits all of your family’s favorite fresh foods
Dairy bin provides convenient storage for items like cheese and yogurt
Deep bin fits large containers in the door and frees up valuable shelf space
Fresh food cabinet drawers for better organization
Adjustable glass freezer shelf provides the flexibility to organize your frozen food items
Convenient Design
LED interior lighting spotlights foods inside making them easy to see
Upfront temperature controls help you keep foods at just the right temperature
Easily accommodates the installation of an icemaker

1.Kenmore 23.8 cu.Freezer Refrigerator – Stainless Steel
Kenmore 68033 23.8 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator – More Storage, Easier Organization This Kenmore 68033 top-freezer refrigerator 6803 offers more storage and easier organization for your kitchen. Extra wide door bins are perfectly sized to hold up to 12 cans of your favorite beverage, tall two-liter bottles or gallon-sized containers. The Adjustable Glass Shelves extend the full width of this refrigerator, making them perfect for storing long sheet cakes, casserole dishes and much more. For added convenience, the contoured refrigerator and freezer doors are reversible so they can be installed to suit any kitchen space.
Gallon door bins easily hold jugs, bottles and gallon containers to help clear the shelves and give you space to stock up.
A full-width, gourmet pantry drawer stores party platters, pizzas, pies, trays and more while clearing shelf space for better organization and easier storage.
Spacious, tight-sealing and designed to control humidity, Kenmore crisper drawers deliver fresh, crunchy fruit and vegetables, so you can stock up on produce.
Efficient recessed LED lights are mounted along the sides of the refrigerator to give you more space and make it easy to see what you’re looking for.
Multi Air Flow Technology uses strategically placed vents to balance cool air throughout the entire refrigerator, so even the items on the door stay cool.
Designed to customize and help increase visibility, adjustable glass shelving moves to suit your storage needs while delivering an easy to clean surface with serious support.

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